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At, we have a full catalogue of pens of all varieties to cater to your writing needs. We stock only the best brands and our products conform to strict quality standards. Any pen that we think does not reflect our high standards, fails to make it on our list. If you’re looking for premium quality Bic pens online, you’ve come to the right place!

Bic is a brand synonymous with unmatched excellence and exceptional quality. Whenever you come across a Bic pen, you automatically prefer it to others. This is because Bic pens are veritable powerhouses of superior performance and high deliverability. In fact, they are widely regarded as one of the most consistent and trustworthy writing instruments by businesses all over Australia.

Moreover, Bic offers pens for all budget categories, which means you can afford these pens whether you are a multinational corporation or a recent start-up. While its Cristal and Clic pens are most widely known, the brand has also launched a wide range of high-end pens for status conscious companies. For instance, the Attriant, Esteem and Worthington ranges are beautiful, upmarket pens that offer smoothness and value to your written content. All these pens are highly useful for all your office and personal writing requirements. No matter what need you may have, you can be certain having a Bic pen handy always helps!

Bic pens are so coveted that they have become essential desk accessories both in home offices and at professional workplaces. It is very hard to imagine a desk without a pen! We at Pens feel that pens are critical to a productive environment and pens don’t get any better than Bic. Therefore, we have stocked a full range of Bic pens , online at our virtual store, where you can browse and make selections at leisure.

We at Pens pride ourselves as the biggest suppliers of Bic pens in the whole of Australia. A combination of quality products and superior customer service has allowed us to become the Number One option for individuals and businesses looking for Bic pens in Australia. We ensure timely delivery of marketing pens and promotional pens anywhere in the country, ensuring that our clients can get their critical tasks done on time.

“Select” offerings

Our “Select” range is one of the most popular categories at, covered by both small and large companies belonging to various industries. The pens in our Select category are renowned for their quality, reliability and comfort. All these are Bic’s own hallmarks, which we at Pens have incorporated into our corporate vision as well. Here are some of our premium offerings in the Select category:
  • Bic Wide Body Pen : This wide-bodied pen offers matchless comfort and a firm grip while writing. It has a very attractive and smooth finish, complete with an elegant satin chrome trim. This pen is an absolute must if you covet luxury writing instruments that offer excellent functionality. The barrel size is 44mm W x 15mm H, and you can easily print your brand name or logo on the barrel for a personalised effect.
  • Bic Tri-tone Twist : This charming retractable pen with its sleek clip and cap design will make the perfect addition to your writing desk. Sporting jewel-toned colours and nickel-plated accents, the Tri-tone Twist makes one of the best promotional pens in Australia, perfect for engraving your name or marketing message on its surface.
  • Bic Steel Retractable : This corporate-style promotional pen is utterly trendy and glamorous. Its ultra-modern and sleek design trimmed with polished chrome makes it an ideal accessory to grace the desk of top-level executives. It offers a very soft and comfortable grip to users, making the writing process very quick and smooth. Our customers can choose from two brightly coloured barrels that are perfect for engraving brand names and logos.
  • Bic Slim Metal : Great for screen printing, the Slim Metal is slim enough to fit snugly into compendiums and pockets. The instrument is fitted with a body-action tool that makes it even easier to write with. Complete with a shiny metal and satin-chrome trim and a curved clip design, this pen adds class and sophistication to any desk! Moreover, its wide barrel offers perfect base for promotional engravings. We recommend our corporate customers to offer these pens as promotional gifts to their clients.
  • Bic Protrusion Grip: This sleek and beautiful metal pen is available at a great price in our online store. The Protrusion Grip is a twist-action device that provides the softest grip for your fingers. This smoothly designed is available in high quality black ink. It has a barrel with dimensions of 30mm W x 10mm H, which makes a great base to imprint promotional corporate messages. We offer the pen in five bright and attractive colours, and you can choose a colour that would best fit with your branding theme.
  • Bic Esteem: this classic metal-finished pen is one of our most prized offerings. It sports a sleek twist and is available in a medium point tip. Its refined lacquer finish complete with 24k gold-plated accents gives a very sophisticated edge to the pen. You can get the barrel in three tasteful colours and use it to engrave your brand name or promotional message. The pen’s clip is also a handy place for engraving purposes. An additional feature the pen boasts is its damage-resistant pocket clip. You can easily carry it with you wherever you go!

With such a large range of promotional Bic pens available in our store, it is no surprise that we at Pens are the preferred suppliers of premium writing instruments Down Under. Selling Bic pens online enables us to meet all your writing needs effectively. We are known across Australia as the biggest stockers of high quality Bic pens, fully meeting our clients’ personal and professional writing needs. Moreover, with our prompt product deliveries, we ensure you have a top-notch pen at the exact time and place that you need it. As our client, you are our top priority bar none, and our excellent range of Bic pens is aimed at enriching your work productivity.


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