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Pens.com.au, herein after called “the company”, is an entity endowed with the online store and delivery service.

Any person using the services of Pens.com.au.

Products / Goods:
Products ordered by the customer.

This agreement between Pens.com.au and you, the customer, is subject to the following terms and conditions at all times;

This terms and conditions precedes any other agreements or their variance of any kind which were once composed and published here before.

By using the online shopping service at Pens.com.au, you, as customer, understand and accept the terms and conditions listed below.

The solitary pronouncement of deleting, adding, modifying, amending, or altering the terms and conditions at any given period of time without furnishing a prior declaration or notification falls within the sole discretion of Pens.com.au. It, therefore, is the obligatory duty of the customer to read the terms and conditions of Pens.com.au carefully every time he or she avails its services.

Pens.com.au only renders the shopping service. It, thus, is limited to and as a service provider.

You (Customer) are at least 18 (eighteen) years of age.

You agree to furnish authentic and true information. Pens.com.au reserves the right to verify and confirm any of the information provided by you. Any information, either wholly or partly, found inaccurate or misleading, Pens.com.au will discard your registration and ban you from using its services.

Pens.com.au takes utmost efforts to keep its site free from virus. However, it does not guarantee that Pens.com.au is free from viruses or of any other potentially malware software. Therefore, it shall not be held liable to any damage suffered by you through use of the services provided by Pens.com.au. You accept the risk.

In case of any violation of this terms and conditions, you agree to hold pens.com.au and its affiliates harmless from all expenses, liabilities, and costs (which includes attorneys' fees). In such times and cases, the laws of Australia shall be deemed pertinent. Any court proceedings shall fall within the jurisdiction of Sydney, Australia.

You, hereby, agree that you have read, understood, and consent absolutely to all the terms and conditions put forth herein and that you will not claim lack of knowledge, either partially or wholly, to any of these terms and conditions.

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