Business marketing and brand promotion is all about being different and being exclusive. It is about not following the crowd but taking the path less travelled by! Bic Pencils can make you stand out! These most famous office product are practically used everywhere and for every little thing when it comes to writing. Their super lightweight and easy to erase make them still fondly used writing instruments in Schools, colleges, offices, and just everywhere. Therefore, getting them personalized with your brand or business logo, text, or even a special text can help you enhance your brand recognition. Since they are widely used in offices and schools, Bic Pencils can also serve as great giveaways and corporate gifts.

Some of the top quality Bic Pencils in Australia are Bic Matic Grip which delivers write-out equivalent to 2 ½ Wood case Pencils, Bic Pencil Solids which comes in HB Graphite Lead with a Gold ferrule and White eraser, Carpenter Pencil which comes in flat shape with HB graphite lead, and Eco Mechanical Pencil which comes with a 0.7mm HB graphite lead. All these premium Bic Pencils are totally different to one another, thus giving you an added advantage and more promotional options. Personalize these superior design Bic Pencils at, an exclusive online promotional store in Australia, that delivers your order imprinted for free and at lowest and cheapest cost.

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